Why Choose Bleu Sommet Logistics?

When you as a shipper work with us, you can take advantage of services you won’t find anywhere else. We’re not satisfied with our work until you are, and we offer the following to help ensure that happens every time.

We are Available 24/7

Our agents are available 24/7 for the accounts they manage.


We will utilize all of our resources to try our best to ensure the load reaches its destination promptly. We have the most advanced technology and updated software, along with a dedicated team of specialists who will be available to assist with tracking the load and answering any inquiries.


We at Bleu Sommet have assembled a diverse team of skilled professionals who are goal-oriented and eager to learn every day. Due to rapid advances in technology, our team creates and implements new training and development materials to ensure we remain leaders in the industry. We are here to transport loads in the most safe, effective, and efficient way. Our company core values are performance, integrity, respect and teamwork as we believe in the power of connection. The network of carriers and shippers that we build will be given an unmatchable experience.

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